Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dumgens & Draggins 7:Brand New Mask

Seriously, there are just some items I don't understand. Why would a mask that hides 90% of your face give you more charisma? Wouldn't that just make you less trustworthy? Unless you were really really ugly I guess.

Other pick-up lines:
Girl:You look like you're about to rob a bank.
Guy: Yeah, the bank of your heart!

Girl: You look like a bank robber.
Guy: A sexy bank robber!

I went completely photoshop on this one not because I think it looks better, I just got tired of using flash. And also, I figured out it's a lot eaiser to do shading if I create a layer over the color layer, switch it to multiply, and use a medium gray. Also, flash is best when I have a clear perfect line map fo what I'm doing, photoshop is better for Bsing.

And why was I so tired of using flash you might ask? Because I was busy doing this!
It's the full RPD group! I'm still playing around with color schemes for the costumes and I haven't shaded it or added any fancy background graphics, but I still think it's cool as balls.

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