Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dumgens & Draggins 6: She's Got No ArmorClass

I can understand walking around in your underwear if you're on the starter island and just getting the hang of things, but seriously, if you've already gotten to the main harbor, there's no reason not to wear armor. You're just gonna get dead in the upper to lower body area.

Also, if you have no idea what SecondLife is, it's like this(NSFW), but virtually.

I like how the main characters came out in Flash, but it really helps if I have a solid drawing first, otherwise Photoshop is much easier for Bsing coming up with art on the fly. I'm not sure how I feel about being in full color. Thoughts on color vs. Grayscale? or on Flash characters? Or on the comic in general?

Also also, other D&D pick up lines that were considered:

Hey baby, you need an armorcheck?
Hey baby, wanna go on a quest?
Hey baby, is your alignment lawful good or lawful fine?
Is this a +2 scepter in my pocket or am I just happy to see you?
Hey baby, you better roll for initiative 'cause we're about to have a confrontation!
Hey baby, are you proficient in handling two-handed weapons?


  1. Love it! Color is nice, but unless you get a good stock up before a live date it can be time consuming to work on.

  2. Very true. Also the same with backgrounds.