Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Date Night: Cover and Characters

Since there's no new comic today, I wanted to show some stuff I'm working on for my next noir comic: Date Night!

Here's an early sketch of the Cover! The title is in blood as it's being shot through the two characters. Just so you know, this is going to be my most bloody and intense comic to date. See some look at the characters after the jump!

Here are some early sketches of our two protagonists! They're a couple, and since I like bucking cartooning gender norms I like giving guys curves and ladies hard edges.

Some clothing design of the guy. He's very professional looking.

And here are some sketched character sheets I did!

I'll have more to show soon. This story is actually the first story I'll be selling digitally(but if you're a Patron of a certain level you get it for free!), so I'm ALSO working on a new ongoing story for Dime-Store Noir. Expect a new Justice Jones Joint.

In the mean time, why not read some of the noir comics I already have up on Dime-Store Noir!

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