Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Round-Up 3/30: More Marvel Team-Ups

Hey! It's Monday! I did some things you might like to see with your eyes!

More Ms. Marvel/Miss America Chavez team-up! And even MORE!

Seriously, this series needs to happen, and I am willing to pencil it. I will take that burden. Call me Marvel. Also, more stuff after the jump!

 Here are the rough versions of those mock covers!

Also, some DOOOOM!
I was playing around with inking and brushes.

Also a future girl that I might color later:

Last week, I had a new EEW and a new Sketchy Locale! Check them the heck out!

Also also, last week I finished off An Arm and a Leg with page 11 and page 12, so check those out if you haven't already!

And finally, here are some figure drawings I did that I liked:

That's it for this week. As always, if you like my work, consider giving to my Patreon, or buying something on my Etsy, or even asking for a commission! See you next week!

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