Monday, May 26, 2014

Sketches and new Patreon!

Hey it's Monday! I did a bunch of sketches last week. Like A BUNCH. But first things first, I have a Patreon now! That means that if you like my work and want to help me make more comics, you can pledge to donate an amount per month! It'll help me out and you can get some cool stuff too! So Go check it out, and tell all your friends(Especially the ones with money)!
And now, on to sketches!

Mohawk Storm is the best Storm. This is fact. More sketches after the jump!

Bishop! I was doing a lot of X-Men last week for Days of Future Past.

Classic Beast!
Mr. Sinister!

 My character from Fallout: New Vegas. I have been playing a LOT of New Vegas.

And some other random stuff!

Also last week, I had two new pages of Stick Your Neck Out! Page one and Page two! So check those out if you haven't already.

And also I reviewed Godzilla and FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics! So read those if you haven't as well!
See you next week!

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