Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Sketch Dump 5/26

Hey it's Monday! Check out these awesome sketches!
I nice colored Spider-Woman! I need to read more Spider-Woman comics. more after the jump!

Wonder Woman!
Mr. Gutsy robot! I have been playing A LOT of Fallout: New Vegas. It's pretty great and pretty addictive.
Cowboy! Didn't I say I should draw more Cowboys?
And here's a cartoony sketch based off Humphrey Bogart kinda.

Also last week, I started a new story on Dime-Store Noir called Stick Your Neck Out! That means there will be new pages tomorrow and Thursday!
Also I added a bunch of new banners and randomized it, so that should be cool.

Also last week, I reviewed Afrodisiac and Noir on Sketched Screenings! One's problematic with great art and the other's just average with a deceptive name. Go read those if you haven't already!

See you next week!

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