Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Sketch Dump 5/12

A new Monday brings new sketches! Check out these honies:
 Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man. Man those lines are not easy to do without photoshop. More after the jump!

 The Moon Knight series is fantastic.
 And so is Rat Queens! This is Dee. You should be reading that series.
 This is from Satellite Sam, which is not a good book.
random alien robot thing??

Also last week on Sketched Screenings, I did reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man and ACOD: Adult Children of Divorce and comic reviews of Satellite Sam and Rat Queens, so go read those if you haven't already.

Also, a special announcement, I have a super cool comic in It's Just a Game Vol. 3 which you can buy here! It's only 5$ until May 17th. And along with my comic, it houses some great articles, art and other fun stuff about games and people who want hem to be better. So go buy it so I can get paid!

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