Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grey toned paper where have you been all my life

I just got a brand new sketchbook with grey-toned paper(funnily enough because they didn't have another brown-toned notebook I wanted) and I really love it!  Why did I wait this long before trying out grey toned paper? GREAT toned paper is more like it! Anyways, Here's a sketch of Benedict Cumberbatch that I regrettably did AFTER I wrote my TrekStar In2 Darkgasm review. But here that is now! And more sketches that I have sketched after the jump!

I've been sketching before I go to sleep and right after I get up just to keep int he habit and that's going rather well.

Here are some random character sketches along with the Falcon and a MODOK warm-up for my Assembled Avengers review. (spoiler alert: it's not a very good show. Those three on the bottom I really enjoy.

Sketchin' mah face ti find a new avatar. Haven't found anything that I like yet. Why is it so hard to find a good symbol with my face that doesn't look high or evil?

Speaking of which, were I evil, this would be the perfect symbol. I'm going to use this for something, somewhere.

And finally this I did this morning! These are actually characters from my upcoming Dime-Store Noir story which I SWEAR I'M WORKING ON DON'T LOSE HOPE I just need to finish a few things and iron out the story and do all the pages and then lie down forever.

So hey. Sketches. Come back next week for more!

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