Monday, May 20, 2013

Survivor and Card Games

Hey hey! Another Monday, another blog update! Let's see what I've got here...

Ooh ooh! I know! I've been working on a new version of one of my card games, In Trivial Pursuit of Happiness, and I just made a bunch of sparkly new graphics for it. Take a look after the jump!

Up above is Pigsy Porkchop, one of the playable characters. See, In Trivial Pursuit of Happiness is a simple card game about buying things to make you happy, and it's set in the glitzy 80's, a decade I think really characterizes the start of mass consumerism and love of monetary possessions. Here are the other playable characters!

Rickety Rat

Rascals Rabbit
Dolly Duck

Donna Daisy

Katlyn Kitten

Roofie Rat

Most of these are from the animation I was working on, Rickety Rat, You're a Louse of a Mouse, with a few new ones added in.  I went through a ton of 80's references. THE HORROR. Anyways I think they came out pretty poppin'.

Also I made cardbacks:

A Colleague pointed out that they look more 80's. Here are the new ones:

Also last week, I had a mess of Sketched Screenings posts. I had reviews of both Mud, which I loved, and Great Gatsby, which is pretty good too. Also I did a tribute to the last season of Survivor with some sketches I really liked:

Been trying out painting in Photoshop more. Ugh it's been FOREVER since I posted anything to Dime-Store Noir. I swear I'm working on the next story! I just have to get it right. I would do soem one offs to fill the void if I wasn't so busy with everything else. But it's coming SOON. Be sure of that.

See you guys next week!

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