Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Save the butts, save the world

Hey guys! It's late and I'm tired so here is a sketch dump!

I've finally figured out the face of my heroine.  Bottom left!

This is a preview for my 8-page comic that I should be done with in around 5 weeks. Oh butts.

Anyways, I've been trying out different inking techniques to figure out how exactly I'm going to ink it.

I think I'm going with the ink and wash on the right. Butts butts butts. FIERCE buts.

I did this also while practicing inking. It's of a facebook friend. maybe I will post it on facebook. maybe.

I was considering making the heroine's design more extreme, but I think I like how it is.  The guy on the left however I LOVE. He's going in exactly like that.

This comic will also have superheroes looking at resumes disapprovingly. This entertains me greatly.
And finally some random designs for Ivy an Joker because of reasons.  Full disclosure, if I were ever put  in charge of a Batman movie, I would make Christina Hendricks Posion Ivy. Perhaps I will continue these and ink them. PERHAPS.

I've been falling behind on Sketched Screenings.  I will get on that soon, mostly because I want to make super-special posters involving Spider-Man.

Also also, I got an internship! Making Comics! It's with a cool company called Greening Forward. You should check them out. I still have more gesture drawings from class but I will scan those in tomorrow.

Goodnight all.

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