Thursday, July 12, 2012

comics update

Hey guys! I've been busy with classes and completely forgot to update. I have 2 new comics pages!

This was done completely with brush, except for the lettering. I think it turned out pretty good!

This was done completely with a nib. I think it turned out ok. Didn't like it from the start. Surprisingly, I find I like working with a brush better.

And these are for my next comic, a 7 pager that will take me the rest of the semester to do.  Trying to find the right head shape for my female protagonist, and also costume and powers.  Should be good!

Also, I've been trying to do more sketching just in pen. These are random people who were walking by at Grand Central. 

These four are my favorites! 

Also also, random cowboy character for little character design project.

Also the third, I reviewed The Amazing Spider-Man over at Sketched Screenings! It IS amazing!

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