Wednesday, July 25, 2012

killer clowns

So I am now working on a game with some fellows involving killer mutated clowns, and I've been designing all the clown characters. Here are some of my crazy clown character designs!

This one I'm calling "husky" because he's like a dried up husk. Long tongue, teeth and claws. This might be the base enemy.

 These little guys I call "Ankle-Biters".  They're small, numerous and fast, like crawling piraƱa.  They also come in a with balloons as "flying Ankle-Biters".

Barrelers hide in hobo barrels and have an extra coat of protection.

Bloato. Basically the Boomer of the group.

Well this guy's just creepy.

And here are some specific bosses perhaps. I went a little clown crazy as you can see.

Colored versions of the ankle-biters. I wanted to give them different make-up so the enemies didn't look so derivative.

Different colored versions of "husky"!

And finally a colored Mr. Splitz. He likes to split things in half with his chainsaw.

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