Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wrath of the boards

I have some fancy new things to show! Not a lot becuase I've been working on some stuff I want to keep under wraps and also been busy retooling my resume and such, but I do have some stuff related to Sketched Screenings!

Look at that beautiful storyboard! So many lines, but so worth it!

I recently did an article on 7 good uses of 3D in movies and illustrated each point from a mock storyboard from The Avengers trailer! Ugh, how many times can you watch that? Like  bajillion?! Anyways, here are a couple of my favs:

Also from Sketched Screenings, I recently reviewed In Time and Wrath of the Titans and I rather liked the illustrations I made.

That's the first time in a long time I've drawn a pegasus. Can you tell? I tried to look up realistic pegasus references but all I could find were pictures of horses. Whatevs google search.

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