Friday, March 30, 2012

Birds of Prey Redesign

Hey I did a redesign of the Birds of Prey over at Superhero of the Month!

I pictured Black Canary with more of a "streets" look, so I gave her a biker jacket and biker pants. I also gave her a symbol and a mask as all good heroes should. I wanted her a little more plump and muscular becuase she's more of a fighter and also needs a big diaphragm for her voice. I never understood the origins of her sonic powers, so in this version she had her voicebox/throat/jaw replaced with cybernetics after an accident; she can do a number of different attacks, change her voice, and her jaw opens up like a snake when she yells, alleviating the problem of being gagged. She's very plain in real life, and creates this other persona by putting on contacts, a fake wig(attaches to her mask), changing her voice, and wearing a fake breasts plate made of silicone and Kevlar to protect her chest and diaphragm.

Huntress I made tall and lanky, she's studied to be an acrobat and uses more stealth than brute force. She doesn't see the need or purpose to emphasize her sexuality, so she wears a full body suit and uses little touches like yellow eyes, fake teeth and a fake matty wig to make her look scarier(she takes a lot of cues from Batman), almost like a demon. She uses her heavy cloak for a scary atmosphere and to hide her bigger weapons, like her sniper crossbow. She's more into long range, using nets, grappling hooks and crossbows of various sizes to hunt and capture her enemies from afar, then gets in close to scare the crap out of them. She's also very plain in real life to hide her identity, and a little goth.

Huntress and Black Canary are friends and partners who work well together. BC is a short ranged fighter while Huntress takes out foes long range. BC flirts as the good cop while Huntress terrorizes as bad cop. But there's also a tension between the two because Dinah loves playing the persona of the Black Canary she created while Helena has a lot of anger and hates what she has to become night after night.

I was surprised BC didn't have a symbol(and a mask, hello secret identity?). Huntress has that cross but what does BC have? So I gave her one:
 Yeah it kind of looks like the Mockingjay from The Hunger Games but have you ever seen a canary? Just sitting there? BORING.

So what do you guys think?  I hope I win, but even so, it's good character design practice. Next month's competition is redoing The Avengers, and I am all over that.

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