Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Night Links

Something else different, I wanted to share a few awesome links to great tutorials and articles I found throughout the week!

To start it up, here's a blog from #AltDevBlogADay about constraints in design and how to keep it simple. It ranges from writing, to art, to game design:

Constraint Based Design

Also from #AltDevBlogADay is this article on novelty vs. Familiarity. Basically, for someone to like something, it needs to feel familiar, but not so familiar that it's boring. You should also read his article on a functioning definition of beauty.

The Novelty Vs. Familiarity Complex

From Gamasutra, here's a nice article about five problems in adventure games and how to fix them. At the bottom of the post he has a number of other articles that I also recommend.

5 Adventure Game Goofs(and How to Fix Them)

Talented artist Grace Fong has some great exercises for artists to try out, and check out the rest of her blog for beautiful art and other helpful exercises!

Helpful Exercises for All

And then there's this, which is no tutorial or useful in any way, but if you slightly follow politics, and strongly dislike the candidate of Rick Santorum, then list of minor annoyances that people wish on him will fill you with glee.

What other articles and tutorials did you guys find?

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