Thursday, November 8, 2012

BIIIIG art dump post

I've been slacking on the art blog updates. Here's what I've been up to for the past few months!
This is a poster I did for a friend's band, The Jack and Queen. I think it turned out pretty good! Very dramatic. One might even say...noiry? Anyways they have a show this Saturday and you should totally check them out.  More after the jump!

 Here's a logo for a friend's haunted house, Nightmare on Gordon Street for this past Halloween, and here's a version with Beetlejuice colors!

 Here are some character designs for the last couple of contest from Superhero of the Month:

 This is a more low-key version of Raven form the Teen Titans. I kind of pictured her as a tumblr user, likes to keep to herself, doesn't like people for the most part, but still has kind of a sexy side. I gave her a hoodie/jacket with sleaves that can double as fingerless gloves that I totally wish was real.

 My version of Daredevil. Since he can't see he doesn't really care about his costume, and it helps to make his character seem more crazy and edgy. I picture him molding these elaborate devil masks he molds himself.

 This was an interesting contest in which we had to design a batman villain by a director who hadn't done that villain. I chose Penguin by Schumacher(who got Alfred Molina for the part) and Scarecrow by Tim Burton (who obviously got Johnny Depp for the part).

My version of Doc Ock in which he lost his legs in the accident. I almost won with this one! But I misunderstood the redesign as a re-imagining.

 And here's promotional material for Dime-Store Noir! I gave out bookmarks and postcards at NYCC.

And these are production storyboards for a music video I boarded. 

And that is what I've been up to for the past few months! I really need to update more frequently.

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