Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chris Deadhand! Also, cards!

Wow, it feels like I haven't done this in a while , but here's another hero...era..villain! Chris Deadhand can slap on any dead part to replace a part on his body, possibly gaining the powers that were in that limb/body part. He works mostly as muscle for the supervillain mob. Here's the Original:

Oh hey, remember when I said way back when I did a video for the escapist magazine? Well that little video is up in the video gallery! And it made first cut, which means people at the escapist really like it! We're in the top 20 out of nearly a hundred videos! You should check it out, and definitely sign up and vote for us: Radiogame Theatre

Also, I've been working on my card designs. Check out a printout I doodled on:
I'm liking these new fonts I picked. I'm leaning towards the second horizontal or the vertical, not really caring too much for the brick pattern. Also wondering if my avatar should have hair or just a baldish head. It would give more possibilities to doodle in the hair...

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