Wednesday, November 17, 2010

150th comic!

Oh hey! It's still 11:50 so this counts as a Wednesday post! I'm starting to like Brother Rabbit and Acquaintances. It's silly and creepy and sad and funny. Does anyone else like it? Too bad cause they're gonna be here for the rest of November! MWAHAHAHA!

But seriously, does anyone like it? I'm especially wondering about the fonts.

And you know what else?


So yeah, comic 150. I feel like I should have done more hullabloo at 100, but whateves man. To celebrate, I wanted to share with you my favorite comics of the past! Take a gander f you haven't gandered at all of them before!

My first daily comic in all it's pencily rough glory. I actually really like it because it had more of a crazy indy slice of life feel rather than a gag a day feel. I should do more like this.

One of the first ones I did with pen. I like how I did the hair and wind, also the joke is pretty simple.

This had a weird surrealist feel since I didn't feel like drawing the full body. Plus it makes me laugh. That's the important thing.

The first appearance of Brother Rabbit! I really like he style I went with and how I started to experiment with panel size and borders.

The first cave0Josh comic. Does anyone miss this guy?

I still think this is hilarious.

Wow, one of my many cop-out comics(I should definitely do a series of those). I like how curvy I drew myself.

One with an epic 12 panel gag. EPIC.

I think this is where my faces started to not suck. Also, there is still a complimentarian party on facebook. Which strangely has 29 members. Awesome.

This is still pretty much my comic process.

One of my first Dumgen & Draggins comics! Man, I kind of miss those. I need to play more D&D though.

These faces and expressions I actually like. Go me.

This looks nice. I should do more stuff like this.

Even though this was fairly recent, I think this is my favorite hero. The costume came out nice, and the pose is just classic.

But enough about me, let's talk about you! What was your favorite comic? What do you think I should do more of or less of? What needs work?

And also, thanks for following and for reading!

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