Monday, November 30, 2020

Monday Round up 11/30: Addams and Ventures

 Hey there! It's been awhile! This is the first year I haven't done something for Inktober or Noirvember frankly because I've been exhuasted. I still did a bunch of sketches though!

Here's the Addam's Family! More after the jump!

The individual Addamses:



Lurch and Thing!

Uncle Fester and Granny!

Wednesday and Pugsley!

And then I drew some Venture Bros characters!

Dr. Venture!

Dr. Orpheius!

The Monarch!

Molotov Cocktease!

Hank & Dean!

Also I drew some side characters from The Mummy!

Gad Hassan!


Ardeth Bay!

Anck Su Namun!

Finally, here's my Thief and Barbarian but as an orc and a goblin!

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