Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday Sketch-Dump 05/07: TMNT, kids, and patreon updates

Hey there! Lots of new sketches to drop!
Here's Rahzar from the TMNT cartoon! More after the jump!

 Fish Face!

Spider Bytz!


A rollerblader!

A tiny mechanic! I felt like drawing some kids for a bit.

A detective!

 Another kid!

A troglodyte!

Cartoony Indy!

Cartoon Rod Serling!

Random smoking girl!

A mermaid!

Also I had a new comic up at The Brooklyn Rail about some gun control facts!

Also also I had some patreon stuff! For 3$ Patrons, there's a new D&D pack with a bunch of skeleton variants you can use with your D&D 5e game! And for 5$ Patrons, there's a brand new Rickety Rat comic up you can read right now!

Well that's it for this week. As always, if you like my work, consider giving to my Patreon, or buying something on my Etsy, buying my comics on, or Comixology, or even asking for a commission!

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