Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Round-Up 10/26: Misty Knight sketches and inking

Hey! It's Monday! I done did some sketches!
Here are some sketches I did in preparation for the Misty Knight comic. More after the jump!

 sketch of Misty looking badass that turned into the cover

 the various Hydra Henchmen, Assassin, Heavy, and normal

 When I first started figuring out her outfit and arm

 More robot arm sketches, it was easy to figure out once I sketched all the things I wanted it to do!

Misty Knight should always have a FABULOUS wardrobe, especially when kicking butt.

I'm also taking an inking class this semester so here's some stuff from drawing from the model

Last week I had two new pages of Tools of the Trade! Page 7 and page 8! Go read those if you haven't yet!

That's it for this week! Hopefully I'll have a Halloween comic up sometime soon. As always, if you like my work, consider giving to my Patreon, or buying something on my Etsy, or even asking for a commission! See you next week!

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