Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday sketch dump 2/09: Kamala Khan and henchmen

Hey! It's Monday! Have some sketches!

Last week was Kamala Con, so I drew a bunch of Kamala Khan sketches! More after the jump!

I also did looser versions with ballpoint pen

Also I drew Diagnosis Murder for some reason

What is wrong with me

Also last week, I started 2 new blogs! First off is Evil Employee of the Week! A blog where I draw a new villain, henchman or goon every week! Here's the first one:

It is basically an excuse for me to do weird character designs every week. Here are some designs for the hench costumes:

Also also, I started a blog called Sketchy Locales where I draw environments and backgrounds. Check these out:

Also the third, last week I ended Rock, Scissors, Paper, SHOOT! on Dime-Store Noir! Check out the last page! And also, here's a one-hour one-shot!

Finally, have some figure drawings!

See you next week!

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