Monday, August 25, 2014

sketch dump 8/25: chubby super heroines

Hey it's Monday! Here are some new sketches!
So the other day I wanted to draw a heavy lady character AND a superhero, but I couldn't think of any so I just drew a bunch of chubby superheroines and villains. Check 'em out and more after the jump!

Chubby sexy Poison Ivy!

 Chubby Wonder Woman!

Chubby Black Canary! I will probably draw more cute chubby people. I generally think there should be a lot more bodytypes in superhero comics instead of just female/male bodybuilder. I mean do all of those superheores need muscles? That's why I really liked that cute Super Best Friends Forever cartoon on DC Nation, because they had a cute, maybe not fat, but at least husky Supergirl. Made since she just naturally has super strength and flies!

 Also Superior Spider-Man! I've been really digging the Superior Spider-Man comics.
Cloak and Dagger!

Also last week, I had another NOIR WEEK with comics. I reviewed a number of books in the Vertigo Crime series, which included Dark Entries, Fogtown, Area 10, 99 Days, and Noche Roja! So go read those if you haven't. Some of them are really good!

Also last week, I shared the cover of a new Dime-Store Noir storyline, TUNNEL VISION! The new storyline starts this week! TOMORROW! So go on over to Dime-Store Noir tomorrow to check that out!

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