Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Sketch dump 8/04

Hey hey it's Monday! More sketches!
First off: Hercules Poirot! HERCULES. POIROT. How has no one done this mash-up?! I WILL DO THIS. I WILL CARRY THIS BURDEN. Maybe like 2 people will get this joke.

I was on a Misty Knight kick and drew a bunch of Misty Knights! Why is the Misty Knights not some sort or sports team? Anyways, more sketches after the jump!

I like the idea of a Misty Knight with a giant robot arm that turns into a giant cannon or something.

 Hey look I drew Fire from the DC universe!
Oh hey, then I drew Nova from Marvel! What no what do you mean they look alike they're completely diff-

And then I sketched some classic Guardians Gamora and Drax. That there Guardians of the Galaxy movie is pretty great.

And finally a quick Scott Pilgrim.

Last week I had two new one-hour one-shots on Dime-Store Noir! Stranger Danger and Vroom Vroom, which is also my first car chase comic and think came out pretty good.

Also last week, I reviewed Hercules, which I generally enjoyed but now I feel bad recommending after this story came out, and also Young Avengers, which I unequivocally loved and you should definitely pick up immediately. So go read those!
See you soon with more stuff!

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