Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Sketch dump 6/30, Batman Beyond, superheroes and Figure Drawing

Hey it's Monday! I was busy last week making comics that I can't show just yet, so today you're gonna get SUPER DOUBLE SKETCH BLOG POST thing.
Blight from Batman Beyond. I actually had a kind of Batman Beyond themed week. More after the jump!

 The B-man himself!

 Max was the coolest.

 Inque! Have I told you how much I love shapeshifters?

Dana! Can we talk about how diverse this show was?

Captain Marvel!

A very loose Spiral.

Some random stuff

Also here's some stuff from Figure Drawing! We had a super buff model which almost never happens.

Didn't have any Sketched Screenings last week, but I'll have stuff up this week! Stay tuned!

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