Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Sketch dump 6/16

Hey it's another Monday and here be some sketches and updates!

 This guy is just a cartoony criminal but I think he really came out well. And Nightcrawler is certainly a BAMF. More sketches and some NSFW figure drawings after the jump!

Union Jack!

New Psylocke!

Random guy!

These are from my Figure Drawing for Cartoonist class and I think they really came out well.

Also I think I finally found a way to draw cars that I don't hate.

Last week I had two new pages of Stick Your Neck Out on Dime-Store Noir! Page 7 and page 8! Check those out yo. And hey, this story ends THIS WEEK! Excited! That was a short one, huh?

Also last week, I reviewed Edge of Tomorrow and Vampire Academy on Sketched Screenings! Read those if you haven't already!
And oh hey, it was Father's Day, so I made my dad a Madmen-themed Father's Day card. This is probably the most ambitious one I've done yet. Let's not do that again!
See you next week!

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