Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday sketch dump 4/14

Hey it's Monday! Time for more sketches!
I really like the costume for The Queen in Spider-Man. I like how she's basically the perfect woman AND has psychic powers AND looks like Betty Paige. I also did big hulky version because she's apparently super strong? More sketches after the jump!

Did some Silk Spectre Sketches after reading Before Watchmen. May or may not write a review.

 I maaaaaay be doing sketches of people from my Instagram. who knows.
 Game of Thrones sketches! Because some dudes' faces are pretty great.

And finally some random character sketches. Need to do more cartoony stuff.

Also last week, I did another installment of TV SHOWS TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD YOU MONSTER featuring just cartoons AND I reviewed Under The Skin on Sketched Screenings! SO check those out if you haven't already.

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