Monday, June 17, 2013

Super poke-post

First big news, I've been working on an episode of Teenage Pokemon for awhile and I'm finally finished with it! My short won't be up for about a month, but you can see a preview of the whole second season here. I have one shot in it. Guess which one is mine!

If last week was all about Batman, this week is all about Superman! My review of Man of Steel will be out on Wednesday, and today I have some Superman Sketches!  Check it out after the jump!

Yesterday was Father's Day, and since we had jsut seen Man of Steel and since I OF COURSE made it last minute, my card was based off Superman:
I also did this little thing on the back because why not:

ANd today I did some practice sketches of Superman and Lois!

Also last week, I reviewed The Dark Knight Returns parts 1 and 2, and Bioshock Infinite! So go check those out!

Also also news on the noir front: I've finally finished mapping out my next noir story, and now that I have some more free time, I can start drawing it! I would like to say I'll start releasing it in July, but we'll see after this week. Stay tuned for more!

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