Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Burly guys and fat kids

Hey it's the first post of the the New Year! I've finally got some new sketches too!

I love this cartoony version of Batman. Because this is "The Goddamned Batman". He is, as my mom would say, built like a refrigerator.
And Moon Knight! He is like Batman but with multiple personalities and a white hoodie. Why does he wear a bright white hoodie in the middle of the night? Because he just DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK.  I'm doing designs of these two for something I'm working on that will hopefully be really super awesome.
And these are designs for a hero for my dad's Birthday card.
I just hate greeting cards with a fiery passion, so I try to make them as close to comics as possible. He enjoyed it.

Also a lady and a runner. I think this was Winona Ryder.  ANd I may use this runner in an upcoming 2D animation because I AM SO GETTNG BACK INTO ANIMATION. Man, you guys don't even know. Also, I did a review of Young Adult over at Sketched Screenings! Check that out.

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