Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Tutorial Dump

I'm trying a new thing where I repost all the nifty blogs and tutorials I've read over the week on Friday for your learning pleasure.

This is from awhile ago, but I just discovered it, so perhaps you will discover it too!  It's a nice article about the current if what a designer should be, also this article, where I found this one from.

Morpheus Rig
Not really a tutorial per se, but there is a long tutorial on how to morph it. It's a really in depth rig not only with great controls but the ability to change the body type to make your own character! Very useful for your 3D animation reels. And it's free!

Hand Lettering your comic Part 1 and Part 2
An in-depth look at lettering your comic on the great site, Making Comics.  You are following Making Comics for all their helpful hints and tutorials, right?

The Flow of a Page
Also from Making Comics, but very useful. The first part on different ways to set up the composition of a comic page.

Animation Schooling Advise
This comes from the great blog, Animation Tips & Tricks. The Question asked was how important is a god animation school, but the director describes some good advise on how to go about teaching yourself animation techniques.

Interview with Character Designer Dan Seddon
From the awesome people at the Character Designer blog, a long but knowledgeable interview with Character Designer Dan Seddon.

I'm also going through Maya rigging tutorials, but I haven't gotten through them all yet. I'll let you know how it turns out. Also, I will have a new character up tonight, as soon as I create him, her or it. 

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