Wednesday, February 9, 2011

S.A.D. Day 12, Also flash

I'm pretty sure this is the most insulting one of the batch. You'd almost have to wonder who would buy this. But then the answer is obvious: SOMEONE AWESOME.

If you would like to buy this, you can go here.

Also, another PB and TG sketch!
Y'know Flash, you're like this bad ex girlfriend I keep going back to. Sure there are better girls out there who can get shit done, who, if I just put in the effort I could do so much more, but Damnit Flash, I just keep coming back to you. You're comfortable. You're easy. And you know what I want. Sure everyone says you're not that great, you're too old, you've got problems, but who doesn't(lookin' at you, photoshop, you force-quitting whore!)? I think what I'm trying to say flash is that you're the program for me. So are we gonna make some comics?

Fuck Yeah.

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