Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A new face

I've grown weary of my face avatar. It just seems small, inorganic, and a misuse of space. On a card it seems alright but in a 300x300 box on the interwebs it just doesn't look the best I can do. After commenting on a couple of webcomic sites I've realized I haven't changed my previous avatar:
I really like it's simplicity, expression and style. I would use it again, but my hair is longer and I want to do something that cartoonizes my current look. Here's some sketches of what I've done so far:
I kept the white eyes and the straight face and added the facial hair. The one at the bottom is more realistic, but I liked the design of the others.
This is an inked version. I might add a bit of shading to it. what do you guys think? Too stylized? Needs work? And if you think it's too creepy, let me present the creeper versions of myself:

Also on comics, I haven't been doing any comics on here lately because I've been busy preparing a few for a new site. I should have them up soon and hopefully the site will be ready to visit, but if all goes well and I'm not crazy with my schedule, I should have three new comics to show you guys! Well, two new comics, one of them I've already done on here(try and guess which one!).

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