Saturday, January 22, 2011

Still doing stuff!

Hey, I haven't made a comic in awhile, that's mainly because I've been busy trying to accomplish other projects and also I've been sick*. But i did do some sketches and stuff! take a look!

*cough cough

These are more noir sketches. I might do more noir comics as soon as I get a bunch of characters down and stories up. Or they might end up on another site. We'll see.

And these are some semi-random people I drew! One was in a magazine and I drew him when he wasn't looking.

I may have a new blog up soon. Having to do with movies and sketches. More on that soon.

Also I'll be making Brother Rabbit themed Single Awareness Day cards(or S.A.D. cards, tee fucking hee!), so look for those soon. I haven't decided if I'll do a bunch in one lump post or over an extended period. Do I have enough to do 14 days of S.A.D. Brother Rabbit cards?!*


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