Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Purple Boy and Turquoise Girl

Hmm, I haven't done a comic in awhile. Still doing other stuff. Other stuff like this! This is Purple Boy and Turquoise Girl! They're a couple. A couple of weirdos! I actually got this idea from seeing an actual young couple on the subway of a guy who was wearing purple and a girl who was wearing turquoise. I just wanted to do a dramaless comic with a couple who act like idiots together. So, perhaps expect something of that nature in the near future.

Also other stuff, I have a new blog! It's called Sketched Screenings and it's movie reviews and I sketch stuff and you should totally check it out and follow the crap out of it.

Also also other stuff, it's snowing! But that doesn't have any real affect on my art or your view of it. DOES IT?!

Also also also other stuff, I'm teaching myself after effects this week so I can make kick ass titles and videos like on Bad Universe! The show is utter bullpoop but I enjoy how they use the After Effects in the cartoon segments.

The guy's all like, "Could this happen? Who knows! Maybe!" but then the after effects promos are all like SHOOOM WHAAA GROOOMP and I'm happy. The problem with after effects for me is that it's not really a program, even if I know how to use it, that I can just pick up and make awesome videos with, I have to have a set idea and storyboards and finished artwork. So there may or may not be an awesome AE video later this week.

P.S. also also also, I've decided to do 14 days of Brother Rabbit Single Awareness Day Greeting cards! I actually have just enough. Expect that to begin next week.


  1. I think in one story purple boy and turquoise girl should give candy to a bunch of children who then revolt against adult overlords. Kids don't get enough candy nowadays...=^.^=