Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hey look it's Gordon Freeman 01

I know it's a little late, but I finally played Half-Life 2. But there's some things that don't make sense with Gordon Freeman. [rant]He's supposed to be a super scientist and a great resistance hero, but somehow he gets handed a crowbar and a flashlight and gets stuck doing the most menial jobs around? There was literally a time when there was a locked door and a crawl space and I was waiting for my group to follow me through, but they all just stood there. "This door needs unlocking! Can you go take care of it Gordon?" Really? I'm the only one who can do this? Y'know sometimes I think the big twist at the end will be that Gordon's delusional and everyone made up that super scientist part. He's just the janitor and everyone just wants to make him feel good while he does the worst jobs. Why else would they send the scientist into the nuclear core instead of operating a control panel?[/rant]

But it is awesome, and I'm in the middle of episode 1 now.

Also, here are some sketches of the half life chibi character design!
I think I might do a couple more of these. Not a weeks worth, but tow or three more at least.

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