Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Round-Up: Power Rangers Foot Soldiers

Happy New Year! I haven't had a new blogpost in 2 weeks and it's a new year so it's a perfect time to show some newly colored sketches from like 3 months ago! Today it's all Power Rangers minions!
A Piranhatron! More after the jump!

 A Cog and a Sting Winger!
 A Loogie and a Quantron!
 A Zedd Putty and a Vivix!
A Rinshi!

man there are some weird power rangers minions huh

Anyways! New Year! I'm gonna be working on a bunch of new and continuing projects. Still working on Radical Robot Squad, and Thief and Barbarian, and some new political comics. If you wanna see snippets of what I'm working on or like my stuff and wanna support me, consider giving to my Patreon! Also buying something on my Etsy, buying my comics on, or Comixology, or even asking for a commission!

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