Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year New Post

Happy New Year!!! I haven't posted in awhile and it's 2016 so i thought I should share some stuff I've done! Here's a Christmas card I made for my dad:

More cards, sketches, and a preview of my new comic after the jump!

Here are some other cards I did for my family, and if you would like a card like this, I am still taking card commissions!

I haven't really done that much illustrating or comics work lately since it's been the holidays and I've been taking a break. But, here are some sketches I did in my inking class that I haven't posted:

I also have a new comic coming out on Dime-Store Noir the next couple of weeks, the first page being out tomorrow. Here's a preview!

I probably won't be posting as much stuff as I usually do as I'll be focusing more on long form comics and paid work. So if you like my style and comics and would really like to see more illustrations and comics from me, please consider giving to my patreon, it would be a big help.

Happy New Year, and you can still buy something on my Etsy, buy my comics on Gumroad, or even ask for a commission. See you next week!

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