Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pie Art

Happy New Year! So I haven been super busy finishing illustrations and also going to Magfest, but now I have finally gotten home! And now I'm sick. But anyways, here is the stuff I've been working on!
I realized I haven't done much X-Men art, so I did a poster of some of my favorite X-Men with all the X-Men names! No there's no Wolverine, I don't have any interest in drawing Wolverine. More after the jump!

Purple Boy and Turquoise Girl! I would like to bring them back. Y'know, if I had time. Maybe I'll do a patreon or soemthing.

This was done pretty quickly, I wanted to have something noiry, and I wanted to do a piece that showed a lot of character design. And then I thought of the idea of a mostly female heist team with one guy being the token guy and I just laughed and laughed and laughed.

I'm surprised there's not more Eva vs. Attack on Titan fan art out there. Ugh muscles.

These are colored sketches based off of some rough Eva sketches I really liked.

If you're in New York you can go to Pie By The Pound on 14th near Union Square and see all this and more of my art! There are also some fellow artist's artwork too, and they're all good. Also they have the best pizza and great cookies and also beer so, y'know, that's a plus.

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