Friday, June 22, 2012

Catwoman Storyboards 1

Hey! I have storyboards from storyboarding class! Well roughs.  The assignment was to take 1 minute from a song and board a story to the words, so I of course took the first part of Abba's Money Money Money and storyboarded a story of Catwoman robbing a jewelry store.  The obvious choice would have been to do "Mama Mia" with Batman and Joker but this just turned out better(not that I'm putting that out of my mind!).  Here are some character designs for Selina and the storyboard roughs!

By next week I will have layout boards inked, then colored the week after that. If I have time I may do a rough animatic with these just for practice. IF I have time. More stuff will be coming up soon!

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