Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Different Versions of Me and the secrets of Lost but not really

So most days I look like a werewolf pirate hobo. True story. If you're observant, you'll see I made a few changes to the blog! I added a list of all the webcomics I like (you should go read all of them now) and I made a separate page for free useful programs you might find useful. I thought this is good information to know (if you have any other free useful programs I can add to the list, tell me!). I'll probably add an about page or something orother soon too.

Hey, did you see the end to Lost? Wasn't it crazy when that thing happened and that guy did stuff? Yeah I totally know. I thought it was a pretty good ending but I would have done it differently. Which I will explain to you right now!


So in my version, after Jack would have become the new Jaccob, he, smokey, Desmond and Richard find their way down to the heart of the island and find some sort of electromagnetic nexus (Or something that scientifically explains the dharma project, electromagnativity, etc). Desmond and Richard accidently fall in and get obliterated, which causes a chain reaction and Jackob and Un Loche duke it out. It looks like UnLocke has the upperhand but the Ben comes out of nowhere and sacrifices himself to save Jackob. Jackob defeats the UnLocke but he's mortally wounded and the island is falling apart. He tells the others to get to safety while he stays and dies with the island.

They all get to the plane and are trying to get off, but it's not working. Then finally they take off, only to get pulled back down from the massive exploding electromagnetic nexus. The plane crashes, and the island sinks to the bottom of the sea.

Suddenly in the side universe, all the characters are at the concert and simultaneously get the flashbacks and all sort of remember at once (instead of individually) their lives on the island. Then they have all the teary eyed reunions and Sawyer goes to Jack and says, "Son of a bitch, it worked." Then they all see Desmond standing there smiling like he knew all along, with Richard by his side. They're all happy (INCLUDING WALT AND MICHAEL) and go about their respective lives).

Then in the last five minutes, we see Jaccob and The man in Black sitting at a coffee table in a cafe with a game of backgammon. Jaccob says, "See ____ (finally telling us the guys name), I told you they could do it." Man in black says, "Yeah, I almost had you. You win this game. But next time, you'll have to watch out." Blackout.

That was my little fan fiction for the night. But that's just my take. How would you have ended it?

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  1. lol hey its murph. nice man very funny stuff